Fly Ash Brick Chemical

Fly Ash Brick Chemical


Physical State Liquid
Packaging Type Plastic Bag
Application Construction

Brick Plus Ultra set accelerator is a ready-to-use, powdered admixture which has to dissolve in plain water. It accelerates initial setting time one to three times faster than normal fly ash bricks or blocks. Brick Plus Ultra improves workability and strength while hastening the hydration of cement. It makes the mix easier to place and speeds the production of fly ash bricks or blocks by shortening the initial set and curing time. Time and labor are saved because forms and other protection can be removed earlier and finishing can be started.

Benefits to the manufacturers of fly ash bricks, CLC blocks and hydraulically pressed paving blocks.

Brick Plus Ultra set accelerator can greatly accelerate the setting of fly ash bricks, CLC blocks and hydraulically pressed paving blocks, which is especially important at lower temperatures, as it increases concrete hydration and helps prevent damage due to freezing in cold weather. Brick Plus Ultra set accelerator is the most popular accelerant admixture.

Low temperatures slow concrete hydration, which is why an accelerator (often in the form of a chemical admixture) is needed to obtain high initial strength. Brick Plus Ultra set acceleratoraccelerates hydration and gives the strength and durability to meet specification requirements at lower temperatures.

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